What We Offer ?

360' Market Research Services

  • Advertising and Promotion Research Studies
  • Advertising Research
    Promotion Research
    Film Evaluation Test (FET)
    Media Research
    Pre & post Advertisement tests
    Ad – Hoc
    Readership surveys
  • Dip Stick Studies
  • Business Intelligence services
  • Quantitative Research services
  • Qualitative Research & Insights services
  • Corporate and Employee research studies
  • Corporate Image Studies
  • Desk Research services (Secondary Research)
  • Product and Packaging research studies
  • B2B research studies
  • Trade Audit
    Partner Identification
  • Industrial Market research studies
  • Feasibility studies
    Techno Economic Viability (TEV) Study
    Macro Economic Studies
    Need Assessment
    Potential Estimation
    Market Assessment
    Prognostic Studies
    Due Diligence
    Sourcing Strategy
  • Customer satisfaction research studies
  • Real time customer tracking
    Real time customer feedback
  • Strategic Market Research Studies
  • Concept
    Understanding Consumers
    Investigating market
    Developing concept
    Refining product/ service
    Positioning studies
    Naming studies
    Visual Identity
    Packaging studies
    Advertising studies
    Refining communication
    Merchandising studies
    Customer Tracking studies
    Redesigning studies
  • Brand research studies
  • Consearch (Consumer Research)
    Brand name connectivity
    Brand Name & Logo Tests
    Brand image correlation studies
    Brand Assessment Studies
    Brand Profiling studies
    Brand equity studies
    Consumer attitude research
    Diagnostic research (Diagnosing reasons for switchers)
    Purchase behavior studies
    Consumer profiling studies
    Product Test
    Concept Test
    Package Studies
    Market segmentation
    Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Track Studies
  • Distribution, Channel & Retail Research
  • Mystery Shopper Insights (MSI)
    360’ Consumer Products & Services
    Mystery Testing Services
    Location research studies
    Retail Management Studies
    Retail Audits
    Dealer studies
    Marketing Effectiveness Audit
    Business Opportunity Identification
    Tactical Assistance
  • Pricing Research Studies
  • Pricing Sensitivity
  • Market Intelligence services
  • Competitive Research studies (Competitors mapping)
  • Multi – Cultural Research
  • Election Research
  • Opinion Polling
    Political and Social Research
  • Rural Market Studies
  • Industry structure & competition mapping
  • Consumer / Physician Panelist studies ( And more...)