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Empowering Industry Insights with Arrow Point’s Market Research

Arrow Point, a leading market research firm headquartered in India, specializes in delivering strategic insights and comprehensive market research solutions tailored for the Industry and Business sector. Our methodologies are designed to provide actionable intelligence that helps businesses, industries, and stakeholders navigate market complexities and capitalize on growth opportunities. Discover how Arrow Point can empower your business with our specialized market research services.

Types of Studies and Methodologies

1. Market Segmentation and Customer Analysis

Understanding diverse market segments and customer preferences is crucial for success in the Industry and Business sector. Arrow Point conducts in-depth market segmentation studies to identify and profile customer demographics, behaviors, and preferences across various industries.


• Surveys and Interviews: Gathering quantitative and qualitative data on customer needs and preferences.

• Segmentation Analysis: Grouping customers based on industry-specific criteria such as size, sector, and geographical location.

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys Assessing satisfaction levels and identifying areas for improvement.

2. Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

Staying ahead in competitive industries requires insights into competitors’ strategies and market positioning. Arrow Point conducts competitive intelligence studies to analyze competitors’ strengths, weaknesses, and market share dynamics.


• SWOT Analysis: Evaluating competitors' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

• Benchmarking: Comparing key performance metrics such as product offerings, pricing strategies, and customer satisfaction levels.

• Market Share Analysis: Assessing market share trends and competitive positioning.

3. Industry Trends and Forecasting

Tracking industry trends and forecasting future developments is essential for strategic planning and business growth. Arrow Point’s studies provide insights into emerging trends, technological advancements, and market dynamics shaping various industries.


• Trend Analysis: Monitoring trends such as digital transformation, industry 4.0 adoption, and sustainability practices.

• Market Sizing and Forecasting: Estimating market growth rates, demand projections, and industry-specific economic indicators.

• Scenario Planning: Assessing potential scenarios and their impact on business strategies and market dynamics.

4. Supply Chain Analysis and Vendor Assessment

Optimizing supply chain efficiencies and vendor relationships is critical for operational success in the Industry and Business sector. Arrow Point conducts supply chain analysis to evaluate supplier capabilities, logistics efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


• Supplier Surveys: Assessing supplier performance, reliability, and service levels.

• Logistics Optimization: Identifying opportunities for cost savings and supply chain efficiencies.

• Risk Assessment: Evaluating supply chain risks and developing mitigation strategies.

5. Policy and Regulatory Analysis

Navigating regulatory frameworks and policy changes is crucial for compliance and business operations across industries. Arrow Point conducts policy analysis to help stakeholders understand regulatory impacts, compliance requirements, and advocacy opportunities.


• Regulatory Impact Assessment: Evaluating the effects of regulations on industry practices and market dynamics.

• Policy Monitoring: Tracking legislative developments, industry standards, and regulatory changes.

• Compliance Audits:Ensuring adherence to industry-specific regulations, quality standards, and best practices.

Sub-sectors and Allied Sectors in the Industry and Business Sector

• Manufacturing

o Automotive Manufacturing

o Electronics and Electrical Equipment

o Machinery and Equipment

• Services

o Business Services (Consulting, Legal, Accounting)

o IT and Technology Services

o Logistics and Transportation Services

• Construction and Infrastructure

o Building Construction

o Infrastructure Development (Roads, Bridges, Utilities)

o Real Estate Development

• Retail and Consumer Goods

o Retail Chains

o Consumer Electronics

o Apparel and Fashion

• Financial Services

o Banking and Finance

o Insurance

o Investment Services

Key Products and Services

• Manufacturing:Automobiles, electronics, machinery, industrial equipment.

• Services:Consulting services, IT solutions, logistics management.

• Construction and Infrastructure: Buildings, roads, utilities, real estate properties.

• Retail and Consumer Goods: Consumer electronics, apparel, household goods.

• Financial Services:Banking products, insurance policies, investment instruments.

Key Channel Partners and Stakeholders

Demand Side:

• Corporate Clients:Businesses and industries seeking products and services for operations and growth.

• Government Agencies: Policymakers, regulatory bodies, and public sector entities influencing industry standards and regulations.

• Non-profit Organizations: Advocacy groups and industry associations promoting sector-specific interests and sustainability initiatives.

• Educational Institutions: Research organizations and universities contributing to industry innovation and workforce development.

Supply Side:

• Manufacturers:Producers of goods and equipment catering to various industries.

• Service Providers: Consultants, IT service providers, logistics companies, and other service-oriented firms.

• Construction and Infrastructure Developers: Companies involved in building and infrastructure projects.

• Financial Institutions: Banks, insurers, and investment firms providing financial products and services to businesses.

Why Choose Arrow Point?

• Industry Expertise:Deep understanding of diverse industries, market dynamics, and regulatory landscapes.

• Customized SolutionsTailored research approaches addressing specific business challenges and opportunities.

• Actionable Insights:Data-driven recommendations for strategic decision-making, market entry strategies, and competitive positioning.

• Global Perspective: Extensive market coverage beyond India, providing comprehensive industry insights and global market trends.

Partner with Arrow Point to unlock strategic insights and drive growth in the dynamic Industry and Business sector. Contact us today to explore how our market research services can empower your business strategies and enhance your market performance.

Market research studies conducted by Arrow Point provide a specific focus on the following areas.

360’ Industries & Business

  • Business Opportunity Identification
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Market Lead Generation
  • Marketing Strategy Formulation
  • Tactical Assistance
  • Diagnostic Studies
  • Corporate Image Measurement
  • Buyer Behavior Studies
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Need Assessment
  • Concept Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Potential Estimation
  • Market Assessment
  • Prognostic Studies
  • Industry Overviews
  • Trade Audit
  • Marketing Effectiveness Audit
  • Market Segmentation
  • Pricing Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Feedback
  • Campaign Impact Studies
  • Macro-Economic Studies
  • Public Policy Studies
  • Partner Identification
  • Due Diligence
  • Sourcing Strategy